What Components To Be Used To Dilute Tea Tree Oil?

R├ęsultat de recherche d'images pour "tea tree oil"It is usually heard that all essential oils are riskless to any kind of skin. However, this fact is not applicable for every case. Sometimes, aromatherapy experts also overlook the need of taking precaution while applying any oil. The only to take the preventive measure is by adding some water or some other things for the dilution of oil. So, tea tree oil also needs to be properly diluted in order that you may not have any adverse effect from the oil. There are different agents with which you may complete your dilution process.

Dilution with the use of water

It is very easy to formulate a solution with the use of water. This is a very flexible option, which you may choose, while using tea tree-extracted oil. You can use it by means to cotton mop. You may also moisturize the specific part in a water bowl. It is better to avoid tap water. Rather, you may use some distilled or purified water. After you have properly diluted TTO, you may apply it as your mouthwash.

Cream used for diluting the oil

A formulation, which is based on cream, is also a better option. And you may make use of it for almost any physical part. There are various creams that you can use for diluting the concentrated oil. For instance, you may choose the most suitable moisturizing lotion. This type of base has its use in the preparations of many medicinal creams.

A blend with alcohol

Alcohol is also used to make the solution, and the best moment, when you may use this substance, is when a particular spot remains in moist condition.

For instance, while the parts, with serious fungal infection, seem to be moist, you may utilize alcohol for diluting tea tree oil. Ethyl or isopropyl alcohol may be the better options.

Oil used for lightening tea tree oil

When you are using TTO for dry skin, you may dilute it with other oils. For applying it on lips, this is a good option that you may choose. However, for some other parts, like hands or elbows, a solution with two types of oil is also acceptable. You can select olive or almond oil for the purpose of dilution of TTO. In case of herpes, you may apply the oil, only when the spot is not wet. If the part seems to be moist, you may apply a formulation, based on alcohol or water. But, it is to be considered that a dilution with oil is not ideal, while you want apply it on face.

Thus, you have to choose the specific substance for diluting the oil of tea tree. Your choice may vary, according to your need. Your disease or skin issue is one of the factors for determining which element you have to pick for the dilution of the oil. You may also take suggestion from experts to ensure that you are having the right treatment.